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The home of Berthoud’s day marshal, Ross Haworth, was targeted by thieves in
June 1932. Haworth and his wife bought the house at 725 W. Welch Ave. earlier
that year for the sum of $1,500. On the evening of the crime wave, Berthoud’s
night marshal was L.O. Rockwell.
Photo courtesy Berthoud Historical Society, A. Haworth Collection

Depression crime wave swept Welch Avenue in June 1932

By Mark French Tales of the Little Thompson Times were hard in 1932. America was at the depth of the Depression, and little farm hamlets like Berthoud felt its full… Read more »

Sim Jefferes (left) and Ed Wray (right) were among the Berthoud men who raced up Kelly Hill in 1917. Today their makeshift race track is a heavily traveled segment of Highway 287 southwest of Berthoud.
Photo courtesy of the Berthoud Historical Society

Automobiles raced and wrecked on Kelly and Windnagel hills

Tales of the Little Thompson By Mark French The Surveyor Most people are unaware that the hills on Highway 287 between Longmont and Berthoud were known to the area’s early… Read more »

The Great Western Sugar Company's "High Ten" growers for the 1941 season included (back row right-to-left) Cyriel Darrus, Nels Peterson, Henry Weber, John W. Waggener, Rasmus Jordaner, S.P. Crowley (front row right-to-left) Abe Abrams, Jake Stroh, Howard Binder and S.A. Gray.
Photo courtesy of Berthoud Historical Society

Sugar beets dominated local news in 1941

Mark French Tales of the Little Thompson The Surveyor Growing sugar beets was serious business in Berthoud’s rural districts in 1941. The Great Western Sugar Company garnered farmers’ enthusiasm by… Read more »

The Mrs. Eler Brown house at 349 Welch Ave. in Berthoud was built by contractor John A. Bell in 1904. Mrs. Brown lived in the three-room house for a few months before renting it to Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Rockwell.
Mark French / The Surveyor

The history of Mrs. Brown’s Welch Avenue home

Mrs. Eler Brown house was among first built on Berthoud’s Welch Avenue Tales of the Little Thompson By Mark French The Surveyor The house at 349 Welch Ave. was built… Read more »


Rattlesnakes were main hazard at Berthoud Golf Course

Tales of the Little Thompson By Mark French On Jan. 19, 1933, readers of The Berthoud Bulletin were greeted with news that “A group of men in Berthoud and vicinity… Read more »

The Chamber of Commerce Building (far left) was constructed in 1907. Berthoud's new-formed Chamber of Commerce was one of the building's first occupants, taking up quarters in one of the upstairs offices. The Shyrock Hardware store and C.P. Thompson's harness shop occupied the east and west ground floor rooms respectively.
Photo courtesy Berthoud Historical Society

Chamber of Commerce building readies for new life

Tales of the Little Thompson By Mark French The Chamber of Commerce Building at the corner of Third Street and Mountain Avenue is currently undergoing renovation. The building’s east ground… Read more »

Ed McCormick constructed a fine brick bungalow on his family's farm north of Berthoud in 1917. A large group of McCormick's friends and family are show shown in this photograph that was taken in the 1920s. McCormick and his father, W.H. McCormick, operated a general store near the corner of 3rd St. and Mountain Ave. in the town's early years.
Allen Collection, Berthoud Historical Society

McCormick family helped build Berthoud in many ways

Tales of the Little Thompson By Mark French Members of the William Hamilton McCormick family played key roles in the development of the Berthoud community. William “W.H.” McCormick came to… Read more »