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The building at 315 Mountain Ave. that recently housed Simply Shabulous was used as the City Restaurant in the 1910s. Cobbler Jake Zoller occupied the building from 1937 to 1983. City Star Brewery recently purchased the building and plans to construct a beer garden in the back. In the 1910s' photo a line of neatly arranged beer bottles can be seen in the window at the left.
Photo courtesy of Mark French / The Surveyor

Old City Restaurant building added to City Star Brewing

Tales of the Little Thompson By Mark French The Surveyor Another chapter is being added to the book about Jake Zoller’s shoe shop. The small frame building at 315 Mountain… Read more »

In 1907, the Berthoud Chamber of Commerce "boosted" Berthoud by providing envelopes to local businesses that had a message promoting Berthoud. Dr. S.B. McFarland who had an office in the Kee & Lyon building on Massachusetts Avenue mailed this letter to friends in Fairplay, Colo., on Oct. 31, 1907.

Chamber of Commerce ‘boosted’ Berthoud in 1907

Tales of the Little Thompson By Mark French The Surveyor In September 1907, local residents organized a chamber of commerce to “boost” the Berthoud community. One of the first efforts… Read more »

Davis’ newest tractor, a Rumely “6,” was purchased in 1935. The tractor was manufactured by the Allis Chalmers Company that succumbed to bankruptcy and was dismantled in 1985.

Sid Davis took pride in Titan and Rumely tractors

Tales of the Little Thompson By Mark French The Surveyor Men love their tractors. Berthoud’s Sid Davis was no exception. In the 1920s and ‘30s, Davis spent his springs and… Read more »

Ben Green who worked for Sid Davis, paused in the field for a photo on a "Rumley 6" tractor. Davis also used a 1916 Titan tractor in his wheat farming operation.
All photos courtesy of the Ludlow Collection/ Berthoud Historical Society

Dry land farming at Nunn attracted Berthoud farmer

By Mark French Tales of the Little Thompson In 1916 Berthoud’s Harry Bennett purchased a dry-land farm near Nunn, Colo. Bennett, who had been a farmer in the Little Thompson… Read more »


It’s irrigating season in the Little Thompson Valley

By Mark French Tales of the Little Thompson The Surveyor Not that many years ago, a farmer irrigating his crops was a common summer sight in the fields around Berthoud…. Read more »


Delivery of first Fordson tractor depicted by local painter

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In the winter of 1920 teh home of Dr. and Mrs. D.W. McCarty at 645 Seventh St. was cloaked with snow. The McCartys built the home at the western outskirts of Berthoud in 1916.
Photo from the Fickel Collection, Berthoud Historical Society

New twist on historic home tour

Tales of the Little Thompson By Mark French Saturday, June 21, will be a day when Berthoud celebrates history. That afternoon the Berthoud Historical Society’s house museum, the McCarty-Fickel Home… Read more »