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Rattlesnakes were main hazard at Berthoud Golf Course

Tales of the Little Thompson By Mark French On Jan. 19, 1933, readers of The Berthoud Bulletin were greeted with news that “A group of men in Berthoud and vicinity… Read more »

The Chamber of Commerce Building (far left) was constructed in 1907. Berthoud's new-formed Chamber of Commerce was one of the building's first occupants, taking up quarters in one of the upstairs offices. The Shyrock Hardware store and C.P. Thompson's harness shop occupied the east and west ground floor rooms respectively.
Photo courtesy Berthoud Historical Society

Chamber of Commerce building readies for new life

Tales of the Little Thompson By Mark French The Chamber of Commerce Building at the corner of Third Street and Mountain Avenue is currently undergoing renovation. The building’s east ground… Read more »

Ed McCormick constructed a fine brick bungalow on his family's farm north of Berthoud in 1917. A large group of McCormick's friends and family are show shown in this photograph that was taken in the 1920s. McCormick and his father, W.H. McCormick, operated a general store near the corner of 3rd St. and Mountain Ave. in the town's early years.
Allen Collection, Berthoud Historical Society

McCormick family helped build Berthoud in many ways

Tales of the Little Thompson By Mark French Members of the William Hamilton McCormick family played key roles in the development of the Berthoud community. William “W.H.” McCormick came to… Read more »

In 1940 local volunteers graded the perimeter of Vernavy Pool in preparation for the installation of concrete sidewalks. The pool measured 100 feet in width and 144 feet in length and was built by community volunteers.
Photo courtesy of Berthoud Bulletin Collection/ Berthoud Historical Society

In 1940 Berthoud community cooled off in Vernavy Pool

Tales of the Little Thompson By Mark French Berthoud’s first swimming pool was built in Town Park in 1940. Prior to that time the community’s water lovers swam in irrigation… Read more »


Harvey Power Flex tractor built in Berthoud

By Mark French The Surveyor In 1958, Wilber F. Gibson built Harvey garden tractors in Berthoud. Gibson’s manufacturing plant, the building that currently houses the Grace Place church at 250… Read more »

Charles and Harriet Keirnes came to the Little Thompson Valley and established a homestead near Twin Mounds in 1880. Upon their retirement from farming, they moved to a house at 549 Fifth St. in Berthoud.

Photo courtesy of the Ludlow Collection/Berthoud Historical Society

Keirnes family settled at Twin Mounds in 1880

Tales of the Little Thompson By Mark French The Surveyor Charles Keirnes was one of Berthoud’s early homesteaders. Along with his wife Harriet, Keirnes came to the valley in 1880… Read more »

The building at 315 Mountain Ave. that recently housed Simply Shabulous was used as the City Restaurant in the 1910s. Cobbler Jake Zoller occupied the building from 1937 to 1983. City Star Brewery recently purchased the building and plans to construct a beer garden in the back. In the 1910s' photo a line of neatly arranged beer bottles can be seen in the window at the left.
Photo courtesy of Mark French / The Surveyor

Old City Restaurant building added to City Star Brewing

Tales of the Little Thompson By Mark French The Surveyor Another chapter is being added to the book about Jake Zoller’s shoe shop. The small frame building at 315 Mountain… Read more »