Monday, April 16

Mental health hold: Second Street, a father reported his daughter sent a text message to her mom about hurting herself and left in her car. She was located in Berthoud by deputies. She was taken to the hospital. The hospital called us back and said she was uncooperative and the jail had agreed to hold her on a detox hold. Deputy took her to the jail but they would not take her because she was not uncooperative at that time. Deputy took her to a different hospital and they placed her on a detox hold. And you thought police work was easy. Jeeesh!

Juvenile problem: Eighth Street and Holmes Place, three juvenile boys were caught smoking cigarettes they found on the ground. I’m not a germaphobe but, EW!

Theft: Second Street, a resident reported an unknown person stole his Schwinn bicycle from beside his house. 

Suspicious circumstances: E. County Road (CR), a home owner reported she discovered a hole through her front door screen and the window on the door broken. Resident feared it might have been a bullet. Upon closer examination the deputy found a small rock which would have caused the damage. It is believed a car popped the rock into her door. No, that doesn’t make it Pop Rocks.

Suspicious circumstances: Woodcock Street, a resident reported there are kids in a neighbor’s downstairs screaming and thinks the kids are young, maybe 5-6 years old. Resident said he is concerned because he does not know if parents have left the kids home alone. The parents were home when the deputy arrived at the residence.

Tuesday, April 17

Theft: Mountain Avenue, an unknown suspect stole two bottles of vitamins from Berthoud Drug.

Theft: Nebraska Avenue, a resident reported sometime today the rear license plate was stolen from his wife’s Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Under age in possession of marijuana: Second Street, an agent with the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division was out at one of the dispensaries to do a check and came across a parked vehicle with two juveniles smoking marijuana and the adult who supplied it to them in the back seat with his medical marijuana card in hand. Or should I say; had a medical marijuana card.

Wednesday, April 18           

Theft: Woodcock Street, a resident reported theft and elder abuse reference her mother. Over a period of time her brother and his wife took a lot of money, charged a lot on credit cards, and were supposed to be paying the mortgage and never did.

Suspicious circumstances/DUI drugs: Interstate 25 at Berthoud exit, a male called 911 and said he was driving a stolen vehicle on I-25 at 110 miles per hour, then screamed profanities at dispatch and disconnected. The vehicle was located with a 15-year-old Loveland boy driving on a minor permit and admits he stole the truck from Loveland. There was also a gun inside the vehicle, plus the boy has been smoking marijuana. This happened at 2 a.m. Where were the parents?

Thursday, April 19

Warrant arrest: E. Highway 56 and CR13, a 29-year-old Greeley man was contacted for careless driving and found to have a warrant for his arrest. Booked.

Vehicle crash / property damage / DUI / fictitious plates / no insurance: S. First Street, a 40-year-old Berthoud woman drove her sedan off the road and through the fence of the streets department lot. Vehicle was uninsured and had the wrong plates. The driver admitted to alcohol and marijuana consumption prior to the crash. Booked uncooperative.


Friday, April 20

Possession of marijuana: Massachusetts Avenue, a student brought less than an ounce of marijuana to school to help celebrate 420. Mom responded. Summons issued. Aren’t holidays great?

Underage possession of marijuana: Woodcock Street, a deputy on foot patrol contacted a 19-year-old Berthoud man. He was found to be in possession of 1.9 grams of marijuana and some paraphernalia were confiscated. Another 420 reveler.

Saturday, April 21

Warrant arrest: Colorado Avenue, a 34-year-old Ft. Collins man was contacted at this location and found to have two warrants for his arrest. Booked.

Disturbing the peace / unreasonable noise: Skimmer Street, neighbors complained about excessive noise. Residents were given an opportunity to turn it down, but music was back up two hours later. The resident refused to open the door and will be cited later.

DUI of drugs / underage possession of marijuana: Berthoud Parkway at Wagon Bend Road, a 20-year-old California man was stopped for speeding. He was suspected to be under the influence of drugs.

Sunday, April 22

Suspicious: Tranquility Court, a resident reported her patio sofa was moved by someone overnight.

Code enforcement:

Animal problems – 8

Vehicle problems – 10

Other ordinance problems – 20


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