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Pauli Driver-Smith, a Highlandlake historian and volunteer for the historic committee, welcomes
visitors of the Berthoud Historical Society’s Berthoud Backroads field trip on July 11.
May Soricelli / The Surveyor

The history surrounding us

Discovering the history that lives on Berthoud’s back roads By May Soricelli The Surveyor “The people of this part of Colorado know all about Highlandlake, but for others, elsewhere, we… Read more »

Berthoud Local’s farm to ‘Picnic’ table dinner

By May Soricelli The Surveyor The Berthoud Local grassroots group has received nonprofit status and is now picking up steam in the community. Due to the success of last year’s… Read more »

Happy Tails hosts a puppy adoption Saturday

By John Gardner The Surveyor Since becoming part owner of Happy Tails Dog Ranch in February, Ashley Dinger wanted to host an adoption event at the facility. On Saturday, July… Read more »

Native Missourian, John Carroll Ish,
survived imprisonment and seven
wounds suffered during the Civil War
to become one of the Little Thompson
Valley’s early citizens.
Photo courtesy "History of Larimer County" by Ansel Watrous

Reservoir south of Berthoud named for Capt. John C. Ish

Mark French Tales of the Little Thompson Ish Reservoir is located between Berthoud and Longmont. It can be seen on the east side of Highway 287 near the Larimer-Boulder county… Read more »

Willa Schump is a volunteer for the day helping her mom, Maggie Schump, with face painting. It was a family affair, Willa's grandmother is Habitat store manager Sharon Derstine. Sharon's son Andrew Gingerich was also at the event grilling the free hot dogs for the event. 
May Soricelli / The Surveyor

Habitat for Humanity 10 year celebration

Photos by May Soricelli  

Michael Georges takes the guests of the Berthoud Historical Society's Garden Party through the wine tasting portion of the event. Here he presents Blue Mountain Vineyard's Pinot Grigio and demonstrates placing a frozen peach slice into their glass, explaining how the flavors of the peach incorporate with the wine as it thaws. The "Garden" was filled with sophistication in the music, fruit and cheese platters, and the dress of the guests. 
May Soricelli / The Surveyor

The finer things

Harley the hero dog photographed at his namesake event, Hops and Harley. 
Photo courtesy of Emily Taylor / The Surveyor

Berthoud’s Hero Dog, Harley makes more news

By Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer The Surveyor Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes they are even missing an eye. Harley, a pint-sized Chihuahua, spent the first 10 years of… Read more »